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Perl distribution to access the JSON-RPC API of a Zabbix server
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* About Zabbix::API

Zabbix is a free software monitoring solution.  This distribution is an
abstraction layer over the JSON-RPC API provided by Zabbix, allowing you to log
in, create, update, delete, and generally manipulate many (but as of yet not
all) types of objects, all in Perl with Perlish constructs.

Examples are available in the examples/ folder; the tests are also good material
to start with.

* About the authors

This distribution was originally written by Uperto for SFR, a French ISP and

Some patches and most code in the Proxy and Template classes were submitted by
Chris Larsen.

* Installation

This distribution supports installation via Module::Build:

  perl [OPTIONS]
  ./Build test
  ./Build install

Check out for documentation on how to
use Module::Build installers.

Alternatively, you can trust the various CPAN clients to pull the distribution
and install it automagically, along with any dependencies you might be missing.

* Bugs and complaints

We have the usual RT queue on

* Contributing

Our repository can be found on github at
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