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Any file in this project that doesn't state otherwise, and isn't listed as an exception below, is Copyright 2013-2018 The openage authors, and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3, or (at your option) any later version ("GPL3+"). A copy of the license can be found in legal/GPLV3.

the openage authors are:

Full name aliases E-Mail
Jonas Jelten TheJJ jj à sft dawt mx
Michael Enßlin mic_e michael à ensslin dawt cc
Andre Kupka freakout kupka à in dawt tum dawt de
Frank Schmidt gellardo rubiccuber à googlemail dawt com
Markus Otto zuntrax otto à fs dawt tum dawt de
Sascha Vincent Kurowski svkurowski svkurowski à gmail dawt com
James Mintram JimmyJazz jamesmintram à gmail dawt com
Martin McGrath MartinMcGrath mcgrath dawt martin à gmail dawt com
René Kooi goto-bus-stop rene à kooi dawt me
Markus Elfring elfring elfring à users dawt sourceforge dawt net
Jimmy Berry boombatower jimmy à boombatower dawt com
João Roque joaoroque joaoroque à gmail dawt com
Julius Michaelis jcaesar gitter à liftm dawt de
Katharina Bogad mistressofjellyfish delirium à hacked dawt xyz
Oliver Fawcett-Griffiths ollyfg olly à ollyfg dawt com
Ross Murray rossmurray rm à egoorb dawt com
Alexandre Arpin AlexandreArpin arpin dawt alexandre à gmail dawt com
Henry Snoek snoek09 snoek09 à gmail dawt com
Gabriel Scherer gasche gasche dawt dylc à gmail dawt com
Austin Eyler awestin1 awestin1 à gmail dawt com
Francisco Demartino franciscod demartino dawt francisco à gmail dawt com
Peter Piwowarski oldlaptop oldlaptop654 à aol dawt com
Charles Pigott LordAro charlespigott à googlemail dawt com
Andrew Eikum ColdPie1 coldpies à gmail dawt com
Michael Sebastiyan BugExplorer sebastiyan dawt michael à outlook dawt com
Adam Miartus miartad adam dawt miartus à gmail dawt com
Benoît Legat blegat benoit dawt legat à gmail dawt com
James Hagborg blucoat jameshagborg à gmail dawt com
Prashanth Jonnala jprashanth prashanth dawt neo à gmail dawt com
Jonathan Remnant Jon0 jono4728 à gmail dawt com
Sam Schetterer schets samschet à gmail dawt com
Georg Kilzer leper leper à wildfiregames dawt com
Florian Erler ethon ethon à ethon dawt cc
Michał Janiszewski janisozaur janisozaur+openage à gmail dawt com
Lautaro Nahuel De León lndl laudleon à gmail dawt com
Robin Kreis rkreis r dawt kreis à uni-bremen dawt de
Shion Ryuu shion shionryuu à outlook dawt com
Jonas Borchelt riotjones jonasbr-github à bellatrix dawt uberspace dawt de
Jon Gelderloos jgelderloos jgelderloos à gmail dawt com
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Link Mauve linkmauve à linkmauve dawt fr
Danilo Bargen dbrgn mail à dbrgn dawt ch
Niklas Fiekas niklasf niklas dawt fiekas à backscattering dawt de
Charles Gould charlesrgould charles dawt r dawt gould à gmail dawt com
Wilco Kusee detrumi wilcokusee à gmail dawt com
Sreejith R sreejithr sreejith dawt r44 à gmail dawt com
Jens Feodor Nielsen jfeo xws747 à alumni dawt ku dawt dk
Franz-Niclas Muschter fm fm à stusta dawt net
Valentin Gagarin frickler01 valentin à fricklerhandwerk dawt de
Emmanouil Kampitakis madonius emmanouil à kampitakis dawt de
Thomas Oltmann tomolt thomas dawt oltmann dawt hhg à gmail dawt com
Miguel Kasparick miguellissimo miguellissimo à gmail dawt com
Darren Strash darrenstrash darren dawt strash à gmail dawt com
Kyle Robbertze paddatrapper paddatrapper à gmail dawt com
Jonathan Biegert azrdev azrdev à qrdn dawt de
Hadrien Mary hadim hadrien dawt mary à gmail dawt com
Sachin Kelkar s4chin sachinkel19 à gmail dawt com
Camillo Dell'mour spjoe cdellmour à gmail dawt com
Timothee Behety tim2000 tim dawt behety à gmail dawt com
Vyacheslav Davydov tombouctou vissi à vissi dawt su
Lyle Nel lyle-nel pt20100938 à gmail dawt com
Michael Kilby kilbyjmichael kilbyjmichael à gmail dawt com
Michal Kováč mirelon miso à github dawt ksp dawt sk
Patrik Stutz VanCoding patrik dawt stutz à gmail dawt com
James McMurray jamesmcm jamesmcm03 à gmail dawt com
Łukasz Raszka lukky513 lukky513 à gmail dawt com
Martin Castillo castilma castilma à uni-bremen dawt de
Volodymyr Samokhatko ChipmunkV velorums à gmail dawt com
Guillaume Desquesnes elnabo g dawt desquesnes à gmail dawt com
Johan Klokkhammer Helsing johanhelsing johanhelsing à gmail dawt com
Jasper v. Blanckenburg jazzpi jasper à mezzo dawt de
Alexej Disterhoft nobbs disterhoft à uni-mainz dawt de
Sebastian Brodehl sbrodehl sbrodehl à students dawt uni-mainz dawt de
Gaith Hallak ghallak gaithhallak à gmail dawt com
Pierre Hallot Hallot hallotpierre à gmail dawt com
Vicken Simonian vsimon vsimon à gmail dawt com
Kevin Peters kev946 klee946 à gmail dawt com
Andreas Schulz Longhanks andi dawt schulz à me dawt com
Shaleen Jain Shalzz shaleen dawt jain95 à gmail dawt com
Johannes Walcher tomatower johannes dawt walcher à stusta dawt de
Akritas Akritidis MaanooAk akritasak à gmail dawt com
Edgard Mota edgardmota edgardmota à gmail dawt com
Boris Dušek dusek me à dusek dawt me
Michael Droogleever droogmic droogmic à gmail dawt com
Christoph Heine heinezen heinezen à hotmail dawt de
Marco Savelli Piruzzolo svlmrc à gmail dawt com
Yvan Burrie yvan-burrie yvan dawt burrie à hotmail dawt com
Martin Bernardi martinber martinbernardi à openmailbox dawt org
Erik Griese citron0xa9 erik dawt griese à yahoo dawt de
Alex Birch Birch-san vengeance dawt m dawt x+openage à gmail dawt com
Michal Jarzabek stiopa stiopa à gmail dawt com
Christopher Wilson cdw33 cdw33 à zips dawt uakron dawt edu
Wojciech Nawrocki Vtec234 wjnawrocki à protonmail dawt com
Folkert van Verseveld methos, medicijnman folkert dawt van dawt verseveld à gmail dawt com
Neel Patel ohn0 silverskinx à gmail dawt com
David Carlier devnexen devnexen à gmail dawt com
Tushar Maheshwari tusharpm tushar27192 à gmail dawt com
Piotr Szpetkowski piotr-szpetkowski piotr dawt szpetkowski à pyquest dawt space
Julian Guillotel arialwhite julian dawt gullotel à gmail dawt com
Arne Sellmann PythonicChemist arne dawt sellmann à gmx dawt de
Rafael X. Morales Georgi chocoladisco chocoladisco à gmail dawt com
Marcel Schneider schnema123 marcelschneider5 à outlook dawt de
Samuel Grigolato samuelgrigolato samuel dawt grigolato à gmail dawt com
Andrew Thompson mrwerdo mrwerdo331 à me dawt com
Benedikt Freisen roybaer b dawt freisen à gmx dawt net
Finn Günther Kawzeg kawzeg à gmail dawt com
Akshit Sharma akshit-sharma akshit9sharma à gmail dawt com
Jacek Wielemborek d33tah d33tah à gmail dawt com
Charles Offenbacher coffenbacher charles.offenbacher à gmail dawt com
Ilia Vladimirskiy ivvory ivv.evol à gmail dawt com
Nicholas Schmidt schmidtnicholas schmidtnicholas111 à gmail dawt com
Antti Aalto Anakonda antti dawt aalto dawt 10 à gmail dawt com
Simon San simonsan simon à systemli dawt org
Lorenzo Gaifas brisvag brisvag à gmail dawt com
Shim Myeongseob violet716 zzangsim231 à gmail dawt com
Serhan Tutar randomnoise serhantutar à outlook dawt com
Georgy Komarov jubnzv jubnzv à gmail dawt com
Aristotelis Dossas teldosas teldosas à gmail dawt com
Martin Sandsmark martin martin dawt sandsmark à kde dawt org

If you're a first-time committer, add yourself to the above list. This is not just for legal reasons, but also to keep an overview of all those nicknames.

For some authors, the full names and/or e-mail addresses are unknown. They have been marked by "?". Luckily, those author's contributions are only small typo fixes, so no copyright concerns should arise from this. If your info is missing, wrong, or you want it to be removed for whatever reason, please contact us.

A full list of all openage authors ("contributors") can also be determined from the VCS, e.g. via git shortlog -sne, or conveniently looked up on the GitHub web interface.

Details on individual authorships of files can be obtained via the VCS, e.g. via git blame, or the GitHub web interface.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License Version 3 for more details.

If you wish to include a file from openage in your project, make sure to include all required legal info. The easiest way to do this would probably be to include a copy of this file (, and to leave the file's copyright header untouched.

Per-file license header guidelines:

In addition to this file, to prevent legal caveats, every source file must include a header.

openage-native source files, that is, files that were created by the openage authors, require the following one-line header, preferably in the first line, as a comment:

Copyright 20XX-20YY the openage authors. See for legal info.

20XX is the year when the file was created, and 20YY is the year when the file was last edited. When editing a file, make sure the last-modification year is still correct.

3rd-party source files, that is, files that were taken from other open- source projects, require the following, longer header:

This file was ((taken|adapted)|contains (data|code)) from $PROJECT,
Copyright 1337-2013 Your Mom.
It's licensed under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license.
< any amount of lines of further legal information required by $PROJECT,
  such as a reference to a copy of the $PROJECT's README or AUTHORS file >
< if third-party files from more than the one project were used in this
  file, copy the above any number of times >
(Modifications|Other (data|code)|Everything else) Copyright 2014-2014 the openage authors.
See for further legal info.

For even more details, see the regular expressions.

In addition to the openage header, the file's original license header should be retained if in doubt.

The "license" line is required only if the file is not licensed as "GPLv3 or higher".

Authors of 3rd-party files should generally not be entered in the "openage authors" list.

All 3rd-party files must be included in the following list:

List of all 3rd-party files in openage:

From cabextract/libmspack (LGPL 2.0)

  • libopenage/util/compress/lzxd.cpp
  • doc/code/lzx_compression_info

cmake modules (3-clause BSD license)

  • buildsystem/modules/FindSDL2.cmake (taken from openmw)
  • buildsystem/modules/FindGPerfTools.cmake (taken from VAST)
  • buildsystem/modules/FindOpusfile.cmake (taken from Unvanquished)


Notes about this file:

I (mic_e) am not a lawyer. This is a free software project, we're doing this for fun. People convinced me that this legal shit must be done, so I did it, even though I'd rather have spent the time on useful parts of the project. If you see any legal issues, feel free to contact me.

I, personally, despise in-sourcefile legal text blocks. They're a pest, and unlike many others, I don't simply accept them because "that is what everybody does". Thus, I worked out the minimal 1-line text above, which should be free of legal caveats, and a reasonable compromise. I'd be happy to see it used in other projects; you're free to use this file ( as a template for your project's legal documentation.

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