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Most readers love documentation, its creators hate it.

Unfortunately, nobody can look inside your head and have the same ingenious thoughts as you do. To ensure your thoughts also reach the afterworld, please document your stuff reasonably!

The documentation is split up in two parts: static and dynamic docs,

Static Docs

Dedicated documentation files reside in the doc/ directory, where this readme file lies in as well. You can find ideas, milestones, planning and workflow descriptions etc in here.

A good entry point may be the file doc/project_structure. it roughly explains where to find what code in the project.

If you made any relevant discoveries or gained insights that help others understand any part of the project:

  • Create a file and write down your thoughts
  • Ideally, use markdown syntax, alternatively plain text
  • Submit your contribution (pull request) so we can include it in the official repository
  • This ensures newcomers can start developing easily

Dynamic Docs

This type of documentation is written inside code files:

  • C++ methods and classes are documented in their header files
  • Python methods and classes are documented via docstrings

Due to potential documentation laziness, the above statements might be out-right fabrications.

Doc Generation

Dynamic documentation can be auto-generated from source documentation using doxygen.

after calling ./configure, you can invoke

make doc

to create doxygen html and LaTeX files.

After creation, view them in a browser by

$BROWSER bin/doc/html/index.html

or, if you want to create LaTeX documents, run

make -C bin/doc/latex/ pdf
$PDFVIEWER bin/doc/latex/refman.pdf