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Package Instructions

Linux Packages Download

Currently we have only the packages available that you can see at repology. We are working on *.deb-packaging and AppImages though, you can follow the progress at bintray.

Windows Packages Release


  1. Download and check signature

  2. Install

  3. Set a new environment variable AGE2DIR to the path of your Age2-directory. You could also add that in the openage.bat-file, if you like.

    NOTE: We currently support Age2-Versions until HD4.3 and old AoC 1.0c, if you have the last Steam-Version read below. A new converter version comes soon.

  4. Double-click openage.bat

  5. Wait for the conversion of the assets

  6. Enjoy

How to set AoE2HD to Version 4.3

  1. Make a backup of your existing Age2HD-folder

    NOTE: Standard path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD

  2. Open Steam library

  3. Right-click on "Age of Empires II: HD Edition" and click on Properties

  4. Go to Betas

  5. Choose patch43 - Patch 4.3

  6. Close the window and wait for the download to finish


Also consider taking a look into our Troubleshooting guide. Please give feedback for potential problems in our Matrix channel or on reddit.

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