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  • 0: decide on the technology and architecture we're using.
    • language, libraries, build system, coding standards, ...
    • may be incomplete, will be changed later on anyway
  • 1: Create a database format for game data (nyan)
  • 2: Renderer using OpenGL and Vulkan (code doc)
  • 3: Event system for the game simulation
  • 4: Design a modding API for the engine (reference sheet)
  • 5: Convert AoE2 game data to our engine formats (code doc)
  • 6: Gamestate calculation with curves logic (blogpost)
  • 7: Gameplay simulation! Where everything comes together
  • 8: Multiplayer

things to be done sometime:

  • game recording, playback
  • lobby + lobby server
  • implement AI Python API (use GlaDOS?)
  • messaging and taunts (important!)
  • random map generation (RMS scripts?)
  • age2 map reader
    • scenario reader
    • maybe even the singleplayer campaigns

things to keep in mind:

  • performance (responsiveness, fps, needed resources)
  • high-quality code
  • having fun!