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openage status

This file contains the current feature set of openage.

You can follow development progress on:

The list must grow

As features don't create and add themselves down there, you can make it happen! See the contribution intro how to add stuff.

Working features

  • Original asset conversion
  • Arbitrary resolution user interface
  • Unit movement
  • Building construction
  • Resource collection
  • Basic combat

Missing functionality

  • Efficient rendering
  • Good pathfinding
  • Networking
  • Nyan integration
  • 3D terrain
  • Random map generation
  • AI scripting
  • Python modding API

Under the hood

There are some openage internals that may be of interest but would go unnoted otherwise:

Python interface

Powered by cython, we have an easy to use bidirectional Python <-> C++ interface that even translates Exceptions between both. See the howto.

Inotify file reloading

You can edit any texture with your favorite image manipulation software. When you save the changes, they'll appear in-game instantly.

Terminal emulator

We have an integrated terminal emulator supporting ecma-48. You can run vim or anything else within openage. This is neat to interactively edit scripts.


Powered mainly by CMake and Python, our buildsystem is dynamically rebuilding and regenerating only the files it needs to.

Job management

Background tasks can be submitted and detached by our job subsystem. Used for sound decoding and various other computations.