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Windows Installer

More than one python installation

If you have two (or more) different python installations on your computer edit the openage.bat in the install directory: Replace the line python.exe -m openage with call "%INST_DIR%\python\python.exe" -m openage to start python.exe explicitly.

Asset Conversion

Error: No valid game version(s) could not be detected in

Check if you have passed the root folder of the game to the converter and not a subfolder.

If that doesn't help, you could have a mod installed that messes with the detection algorithm. In that case, you should reinstall a clean unmodded version of the game and retry the conversion.

Conversion raises exception when converting The Conquerors 1.0c

Make sure you don't have UserPatch, compatibility patches or modifications installed that make changes to the original asset files.

If you have Wololo Kingdoms and various mods installed that change the base assets the converter will not work. A workaround would be to make a backup of your AGE2 directory and let the converter run on that backup. In that backup at subfolder AGE2/resources delete all files except folders. Another workaround would be to backup your AGE2 folder and redownload it to have a clean install. After conversion you can replace it with the backup.


Cannot specify compile definitions for target "SDL2::SDL2" which is not built by this project

This error is specific to a few operating systems. The main cause is that your SDL2 version is too old and does not include the necessary CMake files defining the target. There is an indepth discussion about this here. As a solution, you should update your SDL packages to SDL >=2.0.12 or compile the latest SDL2 and SDL2-image from source. The latest version includes the necessary CMake files to expose the SDL2::SDL2 target.