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# kevin ci config script for openage
# see here for the CI source code:
- skip (? if job != "debian" ?)
make checkall
# Various optimisation options can affect warnings compiler generates.
# Make sure both release and debug are tested. Arch job has more checks,
# so it should run debug, while Debian can test build in release.
- env: mode=debug compiler=gcc (? if job == "debian" ?)
- env: mode=debug compiler=clang (? if job == "debian-clang" ?)
./configure --mode=${mode} --compiler=${compiler} --ccache --download-nyan
# TODO: once all warnings are gone again, set --flags="-Werror"
build: configure
make -j$(nproc) build
test: build
make tests
install: build
make install DESTDIR=/tmp/openage