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code quality

Updated Feb 15, 2020

Towards improving our code base further and further. An ∞ loop.


Updated Feb 13, 2020

Here we have a managed to create a comprehensive documentation of e.g. most parts of source code, APIs or general workflows.

new simulation core

Updated Nov 6, 2019

We now have the basic blocks for creating the new game simulation system. Now, we have to migrate all game features to the new system.

game initialization

Updated Oct 4, 2019

Things needed to be done before the game is started. Mod pack loading, map generation, ...

windows support

Updated Dec 15, 2019

Towards building and running openage on Windows.

NOTE: We have a working installer for Windows you'll find here

game logic

Updated Oct 1, 2019

The engine provides many features (the gamelogic) which are queried from the simulation and are configured by nyan.


Updated Oct 1, 2019

The game client sends input from the user interface to and receives calculations from the simulation. The result is displayed by passing it to the renderer.


Updated Jan 12, 2020

The buildsystem is the foundation of the project, as it intelligently rebuilds only changed parts. It's responsible for sanity checks and code generation.


Updated Oct 6, 2019

Convert assets from the original game into openage-compatible formats, like nyan.

user interface

Updated Oct 1, 2019

The user interface sits on top of the client and provides input actions to the simulation, which then calculates the impact of that action into the spacetime model.


Updated Oct 1, 2019

The continuum potential flow field pathfinding engine. It works together with the world simulation model so it can navigate around some of the already-known future obstructions.


Updated Oct 29, 2019

Communication of events and simulation data over the network as predicted curve keyframes.


Updated Nov 23, 2019

The renderer displays client data and the user interface graphically on screen. The world simulation is also done on the client for local predictions.

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