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UPDATE: As of Aug. 31, 2017 all reSearcher projects have been shut down. has been discontinued.  The code for GODOT can be found here.  The documentation previously available on the GODOT Trac wiki can be found in the tracwiki directory of this repository as text files.  As all reSearcher projects have been discontiuned no support is available and the code is provided as is.

Original README file follows.

Installing GODOT

    Please see ' | DOCUMENTS | GODOT Administration Guide'
    for installation instructions.

Upgrading GODOT

    For notes about upgrading to the latest version of GODOT please see 


    Changes are no longer being added here. Please see the GODOT development site 
    '' for the latest changes.  The repository 
    log is at ''.

    2.0.3 Fixed problem related to using Class::Accessor and 'location' as a field name.  
          Assume this was related to the fact that location is also a subroutine name.

    2.0.2 Performance improvements.  Changed site profile cache to use object store of 
          GODOTConfig::Cache objects implemented as files in a cache directory.  Removed 
          unnecessary string conversions in GODOT::CatalogueHoldings::Record and 
          GODOT::CatalogueHoldings::BibCirc logic.


    Dave Binkley * 
    Jonathan Esterhazy
    Todd Holdbrook
    Kristina Long
    Doug Macdonald
    Yang Yu

    This is not a complete list.  Citation parsers were written by others at SFU and at other 
    COPPUL libraries.  I need to review some of our old documentation as well look at some of 
    the comments in the parser modules in order to complete the list.  If you know of others
    that should be added to this list, please let me know. 

Kristina Long -