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Unity Hybrid extension to Leopotam Entity Component System Framework inspired of Unity.Entities.Hybrid
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Leopotam ECS Hybrid

This is the Unity Hybrid extension to Leopotam Entity Component System Framework.
Hybrid ECS let you to connect scenes and prefabs of Unity with ECS in easy way. It's working like Unity.Entities.Hybrid.

You need to install LeoECS and LeoECS Unity Integration to proper work.

Installation into Unity project

  1. Read the instructions from the official Unity documentation:
  2. Open up manifest.json inside the Packages directory in your Unity project using a text editor.
  3. Under the dependencies section of this file, you should add the following line at the top: "com.leopotam.ecs-hybrid": "",
  4. It should be like this:
  "dependencies": {
    "com.leopotam.ecs-hybrid": "",
  1. Success! Start up Unity with your Unity project and you will see Leo ECS Hybrid in the Unity Package Manager.
  2. If you want to update package to latest version, you should to remove "lock" section in manifest.json
  3. Since Unity 2019.3 you can also add the package in Package Manager UI in Unity using the link to repo.


  • HybridEntity to represent Entity on scene/prefab.
  • ECS One Frame Component NewHybridEntityEvent to let you know about any new HybridEntity.
  • ComponentWrapper to add/remove ECS components to HybridEntity. You also can override some methods.
  • Inspector to ComponentWrapper. It will warning you when something went wrong.
  • Interface ICanCopyData.
    It's mandatory interface to component in ComponentWrapper, you need to copy every field to other instance to proper work.
  • ECS Component UnityObject to let you refer to GameObject of HybridEntity.
  • ECS Component Updated<> to let you know when component changed from Inspector.
    You also can use it to reactive-like systems. Just make EcsFilter<Updated<Component>> and fire event with...
  • Entity Extension MarkAsUpdated<>. It will simply add Updated<> component to entity.
  • Abstract mono behaviour BaseStartup. You can inherit it to get simple interface for working in Unity. All ECS One Frame components will remove after lateUpdateSystems processing.
internal sealed class $STARTUP$ : BaseStartup 
    private void OnEnable() {
        //fixedUpdateSystems.Add(new FixedUpdateSystem());
        //updateSystems.Add(new UpdateSystem());
        //lateUpdateSystems.Add(new LateUpdateSystem());
        //gizmosSystems.Add(new GizmosSystem());


I also very recommend to think "One startup - one scene" and to decompose your game to scenes!

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