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Commits on Sep 15, 2012
  1. In the "interlock" case (where the scheduler lock is used as the condvar

    pooka authored
    lock), we need to take the CPU interlock before releasing the CPU.
    Otherwise other threads can be scheduled before we get the interlock,
    leading to e.g. missed condvar wakeups.  This affected only "locks_up.c"
    locking (nomen est omen?).
    Also, remove various __predicts since they don't have a positive
    performance impact in any setup.
  2. the result of the construct

    plunky authored
    #define FOO	defined(BAR)
    #if FOO
     [conditional code]
    is "undefined", according to C99 6.10.1 note 4. So, change code like
    that to use the following paradigm
    #if defined(BAR)
    #define FOO	1
    #define FOO	0
    #if FOO
     [conditional code]
  3. correct spelling of file to clean

    plunky authored
  4. #include <sys/atomic.h>

    matt authored
  5. Add malo@pcmcia.

    kiyohara authored
  6. Add some PCI devices

    matt authored
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. - Manage anonymous UVM object reference count with atomic ops.

    rmind authored
    - Fix an old bug of possible lock against oneself (uao_detach_locked() is
      called from uao_swap_off() with uao_list_lock acquired).  Also removes
      the try-lock dance in uao_swap_off(), since the lock order changes.
  2. - Describe uvm_aobj and the lock order.

    rmind authored
    - Remove unnecessary uao_dropswap_range1() wrapper.
    - KNF.  Sprinkle some __cacheline_aligned.
  3. More __dead

    joerg authored
  4. Fix GCC to correctly implement the i386 psABI on NetBSD.

    joerg authored
    This consists of two parts:
    - for NetBSD/i386 and NetBSD/AMD64 with -m32, use a default stack
      alignment of 23bit as specified by the ABI
    - ensure that double and long long variables on the stack are by default
      only aligned to 32bit, if there is nothing else in the function
      needing a larger stack alignment
    The combination ensures that SSE variables on the stack trigger the
    realignment logic, but just using double or long long doesn't.

    matt authored
  6. Verify the source isn't a dummy source.

    matt authored
  7. Set dv_private, use a9tmr_private.

    matt authored
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
  1. Workaround infrastructure bug where additional rpath flags are added for

    joerg authored
    /lib, resulting in linker warnings for the compat case.
  2. make video modes work that need a screen width which isn't directly s…

    macallan authored
    by the rendering engine - just use the next higher supported stride
  3. Mark npf_session_worker as __dead.

    joerg authored
  4. npftest only is build with dynamic libraries

    martin authored
  5. Don't fail if we don't have a current_parsed_root, makes:

    christos authored
    	'echo version | cvs server'
    work again.
  6. Rename structure members to make the code compile in environments

    pooka authored
    where "linux" is #defined.
  7. regen.

    nonaka authored
  8. Added ALTERA EP4CGX15BF14C8N entry.

    nonaka authored
  9. Adapt for _UC_TLSBASE

    martin authored
  10. Adapt for _UC_TLSBASE addition

    martin authored
  11. Fix register usage

    martin authored
  12. Fix typo in syslog message.

    wiz authored
    From Edgar Fuß in PR 46950.
  13. apply fix for CVE-2012-4244 from upstream

    spz authored
    upstream changelog:
              --- 9.9.1-P3 released ---
       3364.  [security]      Named could die on specially crafted record.
                              [RT #30416]
  14. add mode setting support

    macallan authored
    While there, don't pretend to support the Permedia2 non-V - I don't have the
    hardware and it has never been tested in the first place. The only hardware
    this has been tested on is a TechSource Raptor GFX 8P / Sun PGX32 which
    happens to be a Permedia2V with Sun firmware.
  15. Correct copyright/fix comments.

    matt authored
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