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Arduino Setup

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Recommended Arduinos

  • Arduino UNO R3 or clone (Uno R4 is not supported)
  • Arduino NANO v3 (ATmega328) or clone
  • Arduino MEGA (ATmega2560) or clone
  • Arduino Pro MICRO 5V/16Mhz or clone (Some features such as Tachometer are not supported due to library incompatibility)
  • Leonardo or clone (Some features such as Tachometer are not supported due to library incompatibility)

Take care of fake Ch340G chips. A recent windows driver update are breaking some of them. In such case make sure to install older driver to recover them. How to recognize a fake Ch340G ? The chip won't be labelled.

Keep away from atmega168p sometimes bundled on misleading "arduino nano" boards, this chip is not supported.

Keep away from WAVGAT brand. The boards coming from WAVGAT are fake arduinos (fake/wrong chips) and is not supported.

Gamepad features (buttons, encoders, buttons matrix will only work with arduino pro micro or leonardo. When using other boards, only SimHub will see the inputs.

Powering considerations

Lots of setups should work stock with the arduino usb powering, but you may need to add an additionnal 5V power supply if you go above the 500mA power consumption limit

  • Connect the ground to the arduino ground and components
  • Connect the 5V of your power supply to all the components. Don't connect the 5v to the arduino 5V.

Board drivers

Arduino comes with various serial chips and may not be recognised out of box by your windows installation. Make sure to refer to the product page where you bought your arduino to know what chip comes with your board and what drivers must be installed. Here is a direct link of the most common drivers :

NB : There is often a COM1 already available, COM1 is often the motherboard serial port even if you don't have any physical port, if you can't see it disapearing when unplugging the board it will confirm it's not the arduino port.


Most issues (arduino disconnects, display errors ...) are caused by bad quality solders or weak connections. Adafruit has made an excellent guide to "perfect soldering", showing the most common soldering errors

Sketch configuration

Open arduino setup tool, when it asks for Arduino IDE download, Press OK. A window will open to download the required arduino componenents

  • Open arduino setup tool

  • Give a unique name to your arduino (it is required to give SimHub ability to support multiple arduinos)

  • Enable all the features you want. For instance if you want to enable two TM1638 modules set 2 in the tm1638 enabled module

All the used pins must be unique, the setup defaults can reuse some pins between features (there are not enough pins to fit all the combinations), please change the pins to ensure that the used pins are unique

  • Select your arduino comport and board and click "upload to arduino"

  • Optional but recommended : Save current setup with Profile\Save profile menu for later modifications
  • You can now close the setup tool.