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A cookiecutter project that's simple yet flexible for quick scaffolding of Django projects.
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Scaffold Django X: a flexible cookiecutter

A cookiecutter that's simple yet flexible for quick scaffolding of Django projects. Save on boilerplate code and start prototyping/developing within seconds.


  • CSS framework (optional): Bootstrap 4 | Tailwind CSS (default) | none
  • jQuery CDN (default: no)
  • A simple base.html file: specific structure depends on the CSS framework you choose
  • An empty main.js in static/your_project/javascript/ that's included in base.html
  • An empty main.css in static/your_project/css/ that's included in base.html
  • A .gitignore with sane defaults
  • Pipfile for pipenv support: structure depends on the options you choose
  • A simple, gitignored .env file for environment variable management (with the pre-installed python-decouple)
  • A top level tests folder
  • .pylintrc file for basic Python linting (pre-installed: pylint and pylint-django)
  • .eslintrc file for basic JavaScript linting.


Requires: cookiecutter

How to use

  1. Make sure you have installed all the dependencies.
  2. Navigate to the folder in which you want to scaffold your Django project
  3. run cookiecutter path_or_url/to/this/repository
  4. Fill in your project's details
  5. run pipenv install
  6. run pipenv shell to enter your virtual environment
  7. python migrate to run the initial migration
  8. python runserver to start the dev server at localhost:8000
  9. Profit


Contributions that keep this project flexible and simple are more than welcome. Feel free to fork this repository and adapt it for any of your needs.

Changelog & TODO (help welcome)

  • Support for optional DRF/Rest-API scaffolding
  • Support for optional Django Debug Toolbar
  • Support for django-compressor
  • Add tests


Read the tutorial (coming soon) or get in touch.

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