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<?xml version="1.0"?>
RMS3xx - Radar device
EXPERIMENTAL - brand new driver
Only SOPAS-ASCII supported.
<arg name="hostname" default="" />
<node name="sick_rms_3xx" pkg="sick_scan" type="sick_generic_caller" respawn="false" output="screen">
<!-- default values: -->
<param name="scanner_type" type="string" value="sick_rms_3xx"/>
<param name="range_max" type="double" value="25.0" />
<param name="hostname" type="string" value="$(arg hostname)" />
<param name="port" type="string" value="2112" />
<param name="timelimit" type="int" value="5" />
<param name="emul_sensor" type="bool" value="true" />
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