React / Redux isomorphic starter, focused on minimalism and beauty
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Minimalist starter for isomorphic apps

  • No. Fucking. Bullshit. Just the code.
  • 100% ES6/ES7
  • 100% isomorphic — page is rendered server side for initial load
  • Use React, Redux, react-router
  • Fully linted, with large amount of eslint rules
  • Sass support
  • Happy developer experience:
    • Client hot reloading for components, styles, actions and reducers
    • Out-of-the-box support of redux-devtools-extension
    • Ready to use build system, with assets renaming and optimizations


Launch the dev environment:

npm start

Launch the build:

npm run build

Launch the app in prod mode:

npm run prod

If you want to see more commands, just read the fucking package.json.

SSR data loading

To do async operations before SSR, you can define a load prop on your route object, which receive the store and returns a Promise.

// src/routes.js

export default [
    path: '/foo-route',
    component: FooComponent,
    load: async ({ dispatch, getState }) => {
      // do whatever you want.