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Big Data algorithm for the Extraction of Fuzzy Emerging Patterns (BD-EFEP)

In this repository the source code of the BD-EFEP algorithm is presented. Please cite this work as:

A Big Data Approach for the Extraction of Fuzzy Emerging Patterns, García-Vico, A.M., González P., Carmona C. J., and del Jesus M.J. , Cognitive Computation, Volume 11, Issue 3, p.400 - 417, (2019)


The algorithm is compiled by means of sbt. Assuming sbt is installed in the system, run:

sbt clean
sbt compile
sbt package

Data format

Data must follows the KEEL dataset format (


The algorithm uses several parameters for its execution. All of them must be provided by means of a parameters file. An example of a fully functional parameters file is provided in this repository. Additional information of paramters will be added soon.


For the execution of the algorithm you must call the "spark-submit" command. The simplest way to execute the algorithm in a local environment is:

spark-submit BD-EFEP.jar param.txt

This will execute the algorithm with the parameters and files presented in the parameters file "param.txt"

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