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Please refer to for detailed information on how to download, configure and use this software. The download links are listed below.

I am now only providing a "signed" Server exe. If you get a warning that it is unsafe and you downloaded the file from, then you can ignore that message, click on more info and run it anyway. Being signed will prevent anyone from tampering with it and viruses from attaching to it. If you have any problems with the signed version please send a screen shot of the error to,

For all release changes see

Changes in this release Version: 1.10_Build_2019.06.23:

  1. Fixed the shift point on the new Gander Outdoor Truck.
    iRacing was outputting 7000, should be 7300.

Version: 1.10_Build_2019.06.22

  1. Fixed another JavaScript error in Electron when your configurations get corrupted.
    Unfortunately when this happens, if you have configurations other than "default", you will have to recreate them.

  2. Added new widgets for Text Gauges.

  3. Close #202 Added new Apps called NASCAR-Digital-Dash and NASCAR-Analog-Dash.
    These are very basic. Use these as is or copy them and customize them.

  4. Close #201 Added new G-Force widget contributed by Gary Prince.
    Added new Compteur widget contributed by Gary Prince.
    Resulted in 2 new API methods:

  5. Fixed #203 CMD Black box appears, then disappears and Server does not start.
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
    Can't obtain InputStream for com/sun/jna/win32-x86-64/jnidispatch.dll
    Updated JNA library from 4.5 to 5.3.

  6. Fixed #204 API : /SIMRacingApps/Data/Car/ Error 500

  7. Added new iRacing Content from the June 2019 build.
    - Wildhorse track
    - Wildwest track
    - Silverstone Circuit 2019 - 3 Configurations
    - NASCAR Ford 2019 Mustang
    - NASCAR Truck 2019 Silverado
    - Lucas Oil Off Road Pro Trucks 2 & 4

  8. Updated the German translations. Thanks to H.Gieger

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