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@jfgilliam jfgilliam released this Mar 15, 2020 · 3 commits to master since this release

Scroll down, the download links are listed below under assets. Please refer to for detailed information on how to download, configure and use this software.

I am now only providing a "signed" Server exe. It is self signed, so if you get a warning that it is unsafe and you downloaded the file from, then you can ignore that message, click on more info and run it anyway. Being self signed will prevent anyone from tampering with it and viruses from attaching to it, but certified authorities will not recognize it. If you have any problems with the signed version please send a screen shot of the error to,

For all release changes see

Changes in this release Version: 1.12_Build_2020.03.15:

  1. Fixed #211 (#211)
    Added a blue dot to the Trackmap to indicate where the merge point is for the REFERENCE car.
    Implemented new API calls for version 1.12
    - Car/(CARIDENTIFIER)/MergePointLatitude
    - Car/(CARIDENTIFIER)/MergePointLongitude

  2. Added new name for Charlotte 2019 ROVAL configuration that came out in iRacing's Oct 2019 patch.

  3. Updated Electron from version 4.0.0 to 6.1.9.

  4. Implemented new content from iRacing's Dec 2019 build.
    - Lernerville Speedway
    - Lime Rock
    - Supercars Ford Mustang GT
    - Supercars Holden ZB Commodore
    - Fast Repairs Available now on the Pit Commander
    - There is now a drive through penalty in some series when you exceed the x17 incident limit.
    But, the telemetry is still reporting the DQ limit, which will be higher.

  5. Fixed Track Map for Nurbugring Tourist layout.
    Changed the definition of the finish line to be at 100%, not 0%.

  6. Added new widgets for Vertical Flags, called FlagsBar-Left, FlagsBar-Right.
    By default, Green stays out if no other flag is showing.
    There are 2 other widgets where you can hide the green unless it's waving.

  7. Added new API call, /Session/Status, that returns one of the following;
    - GREEN
    - RED

  8. Added content from iRacing's March 2020 build
    - Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
    - Homestead Miami Speedway (Oval Indy)
    - Lankebanen (Hell RX)
    - Texas Motor Speedway (Oval, Legends)

  9. Added new commands to the Voice Attack Profile (2020.03.07)
    - Laps Since Pitting
    - Laps This Stint

  10. Added Africa/South Africa to the ClubNames.json file.

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