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Scroll down, the download links are listed below under assets. Please refer to for detailed information on how to download, configure and use this software.

I am now only providing a "signed" Server exe. It is self signed, so if you get a warning that it is unsafe and you downloaded the file from, then you can ignore that message, click on more info and run it anyway. Being self signed will prevent anyone from tampering with it and viruses from attaching to it, but certified authorities will not recognize it. If you have any problems with the signed version please send a screen shot of the error to,

For all release changes see

Changes in this release Version: 1.15_Build_2020.12.28

  1. Closed #237 (#237)
    TireCompound API
    - /Car/(CARIDENTIFIER)/Gauge/TireCompound
    - Implemented on McLaren MP4-30, Dallara iR-01, Dallara IR18

  2. Fixed issue with Fast Repair Button on the PitCommander widget. It would not always update properly.

  3. Content from iRacing's December 2020 build and patches.
    - Dallara iR-01 (with Tire Compounds, S,M,H)
    - Dallara IR18 (with Tire Compounds, P,A)
    - Dirt Modified
    - Ford GT GT3 - Shift lights have been updated to better match the engine power curve
    - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO
    - BMW M4 GT3 - Prototype
    - Brands Hatch Circuit (Rallycross)
    - Cedar Lake Speedway (Dirt Oval)
    - Charlotte Motor Speedway (Rallycross)
    - Irwindale Speedway (Figure Eight Jump)
    - Long Beach Street Circuit

  4. Added iRacing's Superspeedway Track from the December 2020 Patch 1 release.
    It's not a real track, but iRacing has mapped the GPS coordinates to a real location that
    will not make since if displayed in the TrackMap. So, the background has been grayed out.