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@jfgilliam jfgilliam released this 05 Oct 00:58
· 12 commits to master since this release

Scroll down, the download links are listed below under assets. Please refer to for detailed information on how to download, configure and use this software.

I am now only providing a "signed" Server exe. It is self signed, so if you get a warning that it is unsafe and you downloaded the file from, then you can ignore that message, click on more info and run it anyway. Being self signed will prevent anyone from tampering with it and viruses from attaching to it, but certified authorities will not recognize it. If you have any problems with the signed version please send a screen shot of the error to,

For all release changes see


  1. Fixed issue with Replay option in Electron Menu.


  1. Added new configuration for Bristol Dirt 2022.

  2. Fixed issue where the "hideCarNum" variable was moved from the app.ini to the rendererDX11.ini file.
    It defaults to the Monitor file. But if you use VR, you can add this variable with the file of choice to the settings.
    iracing-renderer-file = rendererDX11Monitor.ini

  3. New content from iRacing's June 2022 and Oct 2022 builds and patches thus far.
    - Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
    - Mercedes-AMG GT4
    - Radical SR10
    - Sandown International Motor Raceway
    - Fuji International Speedway
    - Port Royal Speedway
    - Atlanta New Scan
    - Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course
    - Porsche Mission R
    - Lucas Oil Speedway - Dirt Oval
    - Motorsport Arena Oschersleben - Road Course (4 configs)
    - Rudskogen Motorsenter - Road Course
    - Indianapolis Motor Speedway - IndyCar Oval 2022 Laser Scan Update
    - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) Shiftlamp RPM range has been adjusted.

  4. Because iRacing added an option to disable their Pit Count Down,
    I'm re-enabling SRA's Pit Count Down if the option in iRacing has been turned off.
    After making the change in iRacing, exit iRacing to update the app.ini and restart SRA.
    Make sure to turn on SRA, update/add the following to the settings.
    pit-count-down-enabled = Y

  5. Fixed issue with the car's bearing calculation where some tracks where correct and others not.
    Changed the Track/Bearing and Car/{REFERENCECAR}/Bearing API to normalize the bearing where north is 270 degrees like all other API calls.
    This also required a change to the WindGauge widget.

  6. Added an option to the Car/{REFERENCECAR}/Bearing API to use the YawNorth telemetry value instead of the track based bearing.
    Here is the new setting and it defaults to Y.
    bearing-uses-actual-yaw = Y

  7. In the RaceAdministrator app, added code to close the pits before the stages end.
    To enable this you will have to download the
    file and save it in the Documents/SIMRacingApps/apps/RaceAdministrator folder.
    Then before each session modify the variables around line 260 to suite your needs.
    New API, /Session/IsPitRoadOpen was created to support this feature.

  8. Added new widget called Pit Road Lights

  9. Closed #173 (#173)
    Added red dots on the TrackMap and also made displaying them an option controlled with the parameter, SHOWSECTORS.
    Streamers need to add "&SHOWSECTORS=Y" to the end of the TrackMap URL to enable them. They are off by default.
    Added these new API methods
    - /Track/Sectors/(SECTORTYPE)/(UOM)
    - /Car/(CARIDENTIFIER)/Sector

  10. Close #264 (#264)
    Added new widget called SIMState to show the SIM's State (OFF, REPLAY, LIVE)
    Thanks to Ricky Thompson for this suggestion.