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@jfgilliam jfgilliam released this Jan 27, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

Please refer to for detailed information on how to download, configure and use this software.

I am now providing a "signed" Server exe. If you get a warning that it is unsafe and you downloaded the file from, then you can ignore that message, click on more info and run it anyway. Being signed will prevent anyone from tampering with it and viruses from attaching to it. If you have any problems with the signed version, I have include an unsigned version for you to use instead. You do not need both of them.

For all release changes see

Changes in this release:

1. Fix an issue with the FuelTank, TirePressure widgets, and the Voice Attack "Add Splash" command.
   The wrong value was being sent to the SIM when the unit of measure defined for the car
   was different from your "Metric" setting in iRacing. 
   For example: If the car is the Ferrari 488 (which is liters) and your Metric setting is not checked in iRacing.
2. Added support for SIMTime to be multiplied by a factor.
   Currently, iRacing doesn't log the multiplier in the telemetry that the session is using.
   Until they do, you can set the following variable in your settings each time
   you get into a session that is using a multiplier.
   {value} should be the integer portion of what iRacing is displaying.
   iRacing displays 1x, 2x, 4x, etc. but you should enter 1, 2, or 4.
      simtime-multiplier = {value}

Changes in 1.8_Build_2019.01.19

  1. Copied electron.exe to SIMRacingApps-electron.exe and Updated Electron to 4.0.0 from 2.0.7.
    When checking if Electron is already running, other applications that use electron
    would give false positives. Renamed it to avoid conflicts.
    If you are not using the packaged version of electron,
    simply copy electron.exe to SIMRacingApps-electron.exe and restart the server.

  2. Fixed issues with TrackMap at COTA (Circuit of the Americas).
    Finish Line in wrong place (Grand Prix,West)
    Pit Road not mapped correctly (East).

  3. Closed #170 Added HYS Bar Gauge widgets for battery charge percentage and deployment #170

  4. Closed #185 Widget to show all In Car adjustment values #185
    Added new widget called InCarAdjustments.
    Added the following new gauges to the API. [/Car/(CARIDENTIFIER)/(GAUGETYPE)]
    - ABS
    - AntiRollFront
    - AntiRollRear
    - BrakeBiasAdjustment
    - DiffEntry
    - DiffExit
    - DiffMiddle
    - DiffPreload
    - DisableFuelCut
    - EngineBraking
    - EnginePower
    - FullCourseYellowMode
    - FuelCutPosition
    - FuelMixture
    - HYSBoostHold
    - HYSDisableBoostHold
    - HYSCharge
    - HYSDeployment
    - HYSDeployMode
    - HYSDeployTrim
    - HYSRegenGain
    - InLapMode
    - LowFuelAccept
    - PeakBrakeBias
    - PitSpeedLimiter
    - BrakeConnectedRF
    - Starter
    - ThrottleShape
    - TractionControl
    - TractionControlFront
    - TractionControlRear
    - WeightJackerRight
    - WeightJackerLeft
    - WingRear
    ****NOTE: The following In-Car Adjustments or Button assignments are not in the iRacing telemetry.
    - ABS Switch
    - Boost Map
    - Br sys mode
    - Deploy Throttle
    - IBS Mode
    - Launch RPM Limit
    - FTC Lateral Slip
    - RTC Lateral Slip

  5. Changes for the December 2018 iRacing build.
    1. Telemetry variables were renamed (Tape, Left Wedge, Right Wedge)
    2. Charlotte Roval and Tsukuba Tracks
    3. Dallara F3 and Formula Renault 3.5 Cars

  6. Added new widget SIMTime, to display the virtual SIM time of the session.
    Also modified all Apps/Widgets that currently displays time, to display the SIMTime.
    Also added new API call, /Session/Time, that returns that time in UTC
    Also added new API call, /Track/TimeZone, to get the time zone for the current track.
    With this 2 new API calls, the client can display the time in the track's time zone.

  7. Added new track, Chili Bowl, from iRacing's 12/18/2018 release.

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