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Add to Home Screen on iOS or Android

Bence Nagy edited this page Jan 23, 2019 · 1 revision

Adding an App to the Home Screen allows the App to run in full screen mode without the browser decorations getting in the way.

  1. First you must load the App you want to add to your home screen by going into SIMRacingApps with your browser and launching the App.
  2. From iOS you touch the "share" icon or from Android you touch the 3 dots(...) and select "Add to Home Screen". on iOS it's on the bottom row of icons, you may have to swipe left to find it.
  3. Close the browser and launch the app from the home screen icon it created. Now it will run full screen just like any other app.
  4. Repeat this for other Apps.

A similar feature is available in Chrome for Windows also. See "More Tools -> Add to taskbar" on their menu.