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Browser Cannot Connect

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This page will help you diagnose why your browser cannot connect to the SIMRacingApps Server. It could be a number of reasons, including the fact that you may have a complex network setup. Follow these steps and if you still cannot get it working, then I suggest you try posting information you gathered from these tests to the FaceBook group at

First, let's verify the Server is running without any errors. When you run the server, notice the output and see if it as logged any errors.

It opens the Java download page.

SRA requires Java to be installed to run. If you are adverse to installing Java, then you cannot use SRA, sorry. So, download and install Java. There are some advanced tips found at Java-64-Bit-Installation and Java-Update-Configuration

"Cannot Bind to Port"

This is a fancy way of saying, another process is already using the port SRA wants to use. In that case, you either have to kill that process or change the port that SRA is using. See this page to do that, Port-80-in-use-by-another-process.

Local Browser Test

If you believe the SRA Server is running without error, a good way to test it, is to launch a browser from the same computer that the Server is running on. In the "Address" box, type in the http:// address shown in the title bar of the Server window. You should see the main menu appear.

Need the logs

If the browser still cannot connect, then something bad is going on. Please look at the latest log found in the "Documents\SIMRacingApps\logs" folder and look through it for errors. If you want, you can upload it to a private message at FaceBook and I'll take a look at it. It would also be helpful if you can also send any screen shots of the Server window and the Browser window.

Server is running, but no data is displaying

The Server must be running on the same computer as your Simulator. It's best to start SRA, then start the SIM. When the SIM is not running, Apps and Widgets appear to be turned off. This is normal, they will turn on once the SIM starts send out data.

Other Devices

The next steps are only needed if you are trying to connect to the Server from a different device, such as, an iPad, Tablet or Phone and it is not connecting. SRA is designed to only work when the SRA Server is running on the same network as the devices that need to connect to it.

Is your device on WiFi?

In order for your device to connect to the SRA server, they both must be connected to the same Network/Wifi. One way to confirm this is true, is the first 3 numbers in the Server's IP address and the Device's IP address must be the same. The 4th number must be different. If your devices is on Wifi and this is not true, then your network may be beyond my ability to fix it. Please find a friend who can help you.

Did you type in the correct address

The address to use is displayed on the SRA Server's Window Title. This will include the prefix, "http://", the IP address, "" and optionally a port, ":yyyy". Open a Web Browser on your device and type in the address shown.

Your Firewall may be configured wrong.

There are several 3rd party firewalls, such as, McAfee and Norton. I do not use any of them and I cannot help you configure them. These instructions are for Window's built in firewall, but, the same principles should apply to the others. When you ran the Server for the first time a popup window should have asked you to "Allow access" for java.exe to communicate with either your private or public network. You should click "Allow access". You can see this page, How-to-fix-Firewall-issues, to trouble shoot and either change or verify your settings.

Was working, now it's not.

Could your original Server address have changed? It is possible that your network will assign a different IP address each time you connect to it. If that's so, you will have to use the new address to connect to the Server. If you find this is too frustrating, then you can set the IP address of the computer running the Server to a static one. Here is a website that will show you how to do it, Just make sure the IP address you choose is not within the DCHP range of your router. Seek your router's documentation on how to know what the range is. There are so many different routers, I cannot possibly document how to do that here.

It could be your device has gone bad or doesn't have a great WiFi signal or just too slow.

Launching Apps not working

To launch an App or Widget, you need to click on the picture/icon. Clicking on the description only opens the help page and you cannot launch it from the help page.

Apps do not remember where I put them or what size they were.

Due to security reasons, browsers do not allow this level of control over them from an App. But, you do not have to use a browser. You can use another client called Electron, that can remember where your Apps were. How to install and configure this client can be found at

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