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Customizing the StandingsBanner and LapsBanner widgets

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Did you know you can customize the title and the sponsor images in these 2 widgets? Doing so requires you to create a configuration file on your computer to tell the widgets what you want your title to be and what images to display.

Sponsor Images

  1. First create this folder, Documents\SIMRacingApps\Sponsors
  2. Using a grahics editor, create images for your sponsors. Each one should use a 4x1 aspect ratio. Don't make them too big, 200x50 works well. The browsers will resize them. For the example below, I named them Sponsor1.png and Sponsor2.png. You can name them anything you want, but the names must match what you put in the .json file.

Documents\SIMRacingApps\StandingsBanner.json, or Documents\SIMRacingApps\LapsBanner.json

Copy and paste the following JSON data into Notepad.

  "title":            "DAYTONA 500",
  "fontSize":         "100%",
  "sponsorImageUrls": ["Sponsors/Sponsor1.png","Sponsors/Sponsor2.png","SRA"],
  "sponsorSeconds":   [60,120,60]
  1. Change the title and fontSize if needed.
  2. Change the sponsor image filenames if needed. This is a json array. You can have as many files as you want. In the example, I have only 2 files and a 3rd entry to tell it to display the default SIMRacingApps banner. (NOTE: If the browser cannot find your file, it will display the default banner in it's place).
  3. In the sponsorSeconds array, tell it how long to display each image. The number of entries should match the number of images.
  4. Under File -> Save As, change the File type to "All Files", then type into the Filename box either StandingsBanner.json or LapsBanner.json.


Now you should have the following files on your computer.




JSON Files

At there is more information about creating JSON files and checking they have the correct syntax. There's also tips on how to view these files in Windows Explorer.

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