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How to fix Firewall issues

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When SIMRacingAppsServer starts up the very first time (or anytime you update Java), your Firewall may prompt you to "allow" the program to run. It's important to select "allow". But, if you didn't answer that question correctly, then connecting to the server from various devices will fail. Here's what to look for and how to correct it.

First, if you are running the Window's Firewall, then this is the prompt I'm referring to. There are other Firewall products out there, like Avast, McAfee and Norton. I cannot provide any support for these products, but configuring them should be similar.

What clicking "allow" actually does is add an entry to the Window's Firewall Allowed apps and feature list for "Java(TM) Platform SE binary". If you have updated Java, there may be more than one entry. Here is a screen shot after selecting it and clicking on the "Details" button so you can see what version it refers to.

The left check mark needs to be checked. That enables the rule. Uncheck it to disable the rule.

How come it only selected the "private" column? This is because I have my home network setup as a private network. If yours is a public network, then the "public" column should be checked. To change the settings, click the "Change settings" button first. I do NOT recommend checking the "public" column if the computer is a laptop that you can take and connect it to public networks. Checking "public" on a desktop would be OK as long as it is connected to your home network.

But what if your network at your home was setup as "public"? Here's how you tell. Open the "Network and Connection Center" by right clicking the network icon in the windows tray and opening it. You will see a screen like this, showing mine is setup as "Private Network".

If you want to change your home network from "public" to "private" I can only refer you to the videos on this page, I cannot provide any support beyond this, sorry. Please Google around to find a solution that works for you.