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How to send logs and screen shots to us

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If viewing your log from the main menu doesn't help you find your problem, then you can send the logs to us with a message that describes the problem you are having.

Your log files can be found in the "Documents\SIMRacingApps\logs" folder on the same computer as the server. There you will find 3 files named.

SIMRacingApps-0.log.txt  <<most recent
SIMRacingApps-1.log.txt  <<older
SIMRacingApps-2.log.txt  <<even older

Using Facebook's "Send Message".

On our Facebook page at, click "Send Message" button. In the message, click the "Add Files" paperclip icon to upload the log. You can also click the "Add Photos" icons to send screen shots. Some browser will even let you copy and paste screen shots into the message.

Using Email

Attach the latest log file to an email to along with any other information you can give, such as screen shots.

Facebook Group

Do not post your logs to the Facebook group.

Create an Issue

Click on the issues tab above and click "New Issue". If you don't see the option, you will have to be logged into GitHub with your own account. Then you can describe your issue, attach logs and screen shots.

How to take a screen shot

Windows 10 has a tool built in called the "Snipping Tool". Click the "Start" button and you can find it under the "Windows Accessories" or start typing "Snipping Tool" to find it. Once it opens, select the mode you want to use. After you have selected what to grab, then a new window will open with the image you captured. From there, you will have options to copy it to the clip board or save it to a file.

You can also press Ctrl-PrintScreen to get an image of your screen into the clip board. Then try pasting it into the email or Facebook message.

Taking a picture of your screen with your phone and sending it in the message works as well.

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