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How to setup the Electron client

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I have written the document for this in the SIMRacingApps Notes on Facebook. Here is the link,

Different Version of Electron

If you want to use a different version of Electron than what I have bundled, these instructions will help you configure SRA to do that.

  1. First you can can download Electron versions from You want to get the win32-x64 version. For example ( Electron will have multiple versions going at the same time and usually a beta release as well.
  2. Unzip the file somewhere on your hard drive and note the path of where that is. Usually if you unzip it in your downloads folder, it will create a folder under that. For example
  1. In the SRA settings.txt file, located in Documents\SIMRacingApps, add the following entry based on the path you unzipped the file to. Make sure all the backslashes are doubled.
electron-path = c:\\users\\?????\\downloads\\electron-v8.1.1-win32-x64\\electron.exe