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How to validate a JSON file format

Jeffrey Gilliam edited this page May 8, 2017 · 3 revisions

All of the configuration files that have a .json extension can be validated by pasting the contents to this website, You can even edit your data until it passes and then copy/paste it back into your file.

You can also use,, as a formatter for easier reading.

If you are getting JSON formatted results back from the SRA webserver, then I recommend using Chrome and installing the plugin called, JSON Formatter. It can be found in the Chrome Store at

File Extensions are hidden

A common issue with creating json files is Windows has the file name extensions hidden by default. Therefore, the file you see will show "StandingsBanner.json" but in reality it's actually named "StandingsBanner.json.txt". In windows explorer, click on the "View" tab and there's an option called "File name extensions". Check that option and now you can see the actual file's name. Now rename it to "StandingsBanner.json" without the .txt extension and everything will is good to go.

Notepad doesn't save json files correctly.

To get Notepad to save a json file correctly, you need to change the "Save as type" to "All Files". Then type name of the file in the File name box, (i.e. "StandingsBanner.json"). If you leave the "Save as type" to text, then Notepad tacks on a .txt to your name and you don't want it to do that.