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Menu, App, Widget Appears to be Off Screen or Cannot Move Them

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Sometimes, due to changes in the Windows environment, if you change your monitor settings or how they are positioned or add or remove a monitor, that will cause the coordinates to re-positioned. Then, the next time you launch SRA, it appears to be running, but you cannot see them because the old coordinates are now off screen. See the different ways below to solve this problem.

Cannot See the Menu, But it is Running on the Task Bar

If SRA is running, you will see 2 icons on your task bar. One for the server, and the other one for the menu. If that is true, then all you have to do is get windows to move the menu back to where you can see it.

  1. Point at the icon on the task bar. A small image of the window will pop up.
  2. Right Click on the small image.
  3. A menu should popup, select "Move" from that menu.
  4. It's important that the next action you take is to press one of the arrow keys on the keyboard. Do not move your mouse. The mouse will only work after one of those keys has been pressed.
  5. Use your mouse to move the menu to a visible location.
  6. If this doesn't seem to work, then you will have to reset SRA. This will loose all your settings. See below.

Cannot See Some or All of My Apps/Widgets

In the 3rd column on the Electron Menu, there are options that allow you to configure when to see an App or Widget. For this purpose, make sure they are all checked, then change them back to your preference afterwards.

To be able to move an App/Widget that you cannot see, you must first make it the active window. You can do this by relaunching it from the menu then follow these steps exactly.

  1. Verify all visible options are checked. (3rd column on the menu)
  2. Lanunch/Relaunch the App or Widget by Clicking the ICON on the Menu.
  3. Press "Alt-SpaceBar"
  4. Press "M"
  5. Press any Arrow Key
  6. Just move the mouse to move the App/Widget. Right Click or press Enter when done.

I Can See the App/Widget, but cannot move it.

The Electron Apps and Widgets do not have a border of title bar to grab a hold of. But they are still there. Just simply point in the area where they would be with your mouse and drag them. This can be tricky if you have made the App/Widget transparent. In that case, simply uncheck the Transparent Option, move it, the check it again.

Find the Widget's Configuration and Modify/Delete it

Make sure the server is not running when you do this. The configuration data is stored in the folder "Documents/SIMRacingApps/storage/{CONFIGURATION}/{WIDGET}". Unless you have created a new configuration, then the CONFIGURATION name is "default". Find the file that has the widget's name and use notepad to edit it, it is in JSON format. Or you can delete it and when you restart SRA, it will recreate the file once you launch the widget again.

Create a Whole New Configuration

If you find the above instructions do not work for you, possibly creating a new configuration will do the job. Simply type in a name for the configuration and click the "Create" button. You will have to setup all your Apps/Widget again.

NOTE: You can have as many configurations as you want.

Resetting SRA

If all else fails, you will need to reset SRA. This will lose all your settings, so you need to copy the settings file somewhere safe, then reapply the settings.

  1. Copy the file "Documents\SIMRacingApps\settings.txt" to a different location
  2. Close all of the SRA windows, if they are running.
  3. Remove the entire "Documents\SIMRacingApps" folder.
  4. Restart the server.
  5. Reapply your settings and any .sra files (if you have any). I recommend you open the previous settings file with Notepad and copy and paste only what you changed to the new settings.
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