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Oculus Rift Tips and Tricks

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Getting SRA sounds to the Rift's headphones

In the SRA settings, change the sound device to the Rift. The default settings will have a # sign in front of it. That needs to be removed. Look for the line that looks like this.

#sound-device =

Make the line look just like this.

sound-device = Headphones (Rift Audio)

Remember to restart the SIMRacingAppsServer after saving your changes.

For more details on managing sound device see

Using the 2.0 BETA from Oculus to overlay SIMRacingApps.

Once you start Oculus 2.0 and the "dash" start SRA Server and your preferred app.

In the experimental panel in the settings, there is an option to activate and then, press A + grip to grap individual window. Place your app in your preferred position and pin it.

Then in a separate window start iRacing, once loaded your app should appear in your preferred position. I am not sure how well this works with the iRacing Beta UI as I don’t use it. But, I would imagine that since SRA is pinned it would operate the same. It will take some time to get use to adjusting the app before each start because once iRacing launches your stuck, so ensure you get it as straight as possible before each launch.

Here is a link to a site with more detail.

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