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SIMRacingApps can be customized by changing the settings file.

NOTE: You must restart the server for any changes to take affect

  1. First, you must run the Server at least once so it can create your own copy of the settings.txt file in "Documents\SIMRacingApps".
  2. Now you can either edit Documents\SIMRacingApps\settings.txt file directly with Notepad, or open your browser from any connected device and enter the server address that shows on the title bar of the server window. Once the menu comes up, look for the gear icon in the lower right corner of the menu header.
  3. Each entry is commented on how to use it. Just remember to save and restart the server before your changes will take affect.
  4. If you are making changes to the chat macros, you may also have to refresh the Chat widget.

My setting.txt file is missing stuff.

Please go to for instructions on how to get your settings file up to date.

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