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TeamSpeak Integration

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To enable TeamSpeak integration, you must enable the ClientQuery Plug-in in the TeamSpeak Software under "Settings -> Plugins".

You have the options of having your car number is added to your alias, your alias updated to match your iRacing name and have apps and widgets highlight who's talking in TeamSpeak as well as iRacing.

SIMRacingApps Settings

teamspeak = Y or N - To enable or disable the TeamSpeak integration. Default is Y.
teamspeak-client = The host where TeamSpeak is running. Default is localhost.
teamspeak-carnumber = Does SRA prepend you car number to your alias. Default is Yes.
teamspeak-update-name = Y or N - To enable or disable updating your TeamSpeak alias. Default is N.
teamspeak-apikey = xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (See below on how to get the key)

As of TeamSpeak 3.1.3 or later

TeamSpeak added a security key that all 3rd party software must use to be able to access the client remotely. You will need to be using SIMRacingAppsServer version 1.2 or greater. You can find your key in TeamSpeak -> Options -> Addons -> Plugins -> ClientQuery -> Settings. Then, either update or add an entry to SIMRacingApps Settings.txt file as follows:

teamspeak-apikey = {your key}

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