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SIP Plug-in User Documentation

Reference Guide


Revision 1.2, November 2019


About this guide

This guide provides information about the operation of the HPE SIMULAP SIP Plugin.


This guide is intended for testers and test scenario developers.
The reader is assumed to be familiar with the following topics and tools:

Document history

Revision Published
1.0 February 2018
1.1 May 2019
1.2 November 2019
Table 1: Document history

Where to get more information

See Official JMeter documentation.

Documentation conventions

The documents use the following symbolic conventions:

Convention Description
Fixed width text Used for file paths, file names, file contents, computer inputs or outputs, and program code.
Bold text Indicates emphasized text and navigation options in user interfaces. Multi-level menu paths also contain the → sign; for example, StartSettingsControl Panel.
Blue text Indicates internal cross-references to sections, table or figure titles, or external references to web resources.
<angle brackets> Indicates generic variable names that must be substituted by real values or strings.
Italicized text Used for book or document titles, parameters, terms, and replaceable text.
Indicates essential information to explain a concept or to complete a task.
Indicates additional information to emphasize or supplement important points of the main text.
Provides helpful hints for completing a task. A tip might provide an alternative method for completing the task that precedes it.

The documents use the following style conventions for procedures:

Subsection title Description
Before you begin Describes prerequisites of the procedure.
About this task Provides background information on the procedure.
Procedure Lists the procedure steps in sequence. A paragraph after a procedure step in the Procedure section states either of the following information:
  • Additional information on the procedure step.
  • Example on how to operate the procedure step.
  • Results after the procedure step is performed.
Results Result to achieve after the steps in the Procedure section are completed.
What to do next What to do after the procedure is completed.
Example Provides an example, or use case reference on the procedure.

The documents use the following style conventions for related information at the end of sections:

Subsection title Description
Related tasks Contains links to related procedures of the document.
Related concepts Contains links to related sections with conceptual information.
Related references Contains links to related sections with reference information.
Related information Provides external references to web resources.


List of tables

List of figures


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