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Stepan Seycek
Stepan Seycek committed Nov 6, 2015
2 parents 33419ee + 49fcc30 commit 7f76da3c2bf8c2678f544803a0575bbbefa86c60
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@@ -248,15 +248,15 @@ commands:
- name: store
syntax: store deployment in <file>
syntax: store deployment to <file>
description: |
Store the deployment model actually loaded in memory into the given file.
If the given file already exists, it will be overridden, and its original
content will be lost. The extension of the given file drives the format
chosen to write the file: ".json" for a JSON file or ".xmi" for an XMI
- syntax: store deployment in apps/foo.json
- syntax: store deployment to apps/foo.json
description: |
Serialise the current deployment model into the file "apps/foo.json"
(i.e., as a JSON file as specified by the extension of the file).

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