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GoTools Geometry Toolkit
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compositemodel Included from lr_test2
gotools-core Included from lr_test2
igeslib Added GLP heading
implicitization Updated all file headers to GPL version, and added GPL related files.
intersections Updated all file headers to GPL version, and added GPL related files.
isogeometric_model Visual Studio 2008 support.
lrsplines2D Included from lr_test2
newmat Added std:: prefixes to the ostreams in the file.
parametrization Included from lr_test2
qualitymodule Work with TERRIFIC part and K-joint
sisl @ fabe71d Included last commit of sisl
topology Terrific part and lrsplines
trivariate Handling merge conflictsMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/working'…
trivariatemodel Corrected parameters in call to ftVolume::replaceWithRegVolumes
ttl @ a7f090f Fixed line breaks in TTL
viewlib * Lifting 1D trimmed LRSplineSurface to 3D in viewlib data handler.
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.gitmodules Converted newmat from submodule to subdirectory
CMakeLists.txt Windows compilation fix.
COPYING Added COPYING lisence file
CTestCustom.cmake Experimenting with Boost Test.
ChangeLog Added some forgotten files
Doxyfile New version of solid2trivariate and lrsplines2D
INSTALL * Added instructions for git clone and initialization.
README Updated all file headers to GPL version, and added GPL related files.
TODO Bugfix
autoexp.dat Handy file containing "visualizers" for debugging in VS.


GoTools is the name of a collection of C++ libraries related to
geometry. The libraries are organized as a core module with additional
modules added on top. The core module contains generic tools and
spline functionality. The additional modules contain functionality for
intersections, approximative implicitization, parametrization,
topology, and more.

This toolkit contains the modules GoTools Core, Parametrization,
Implicitization, Intersections, Igeslib, Trivariate, TrivariateModel,
CompositeModel, Topology, Viewlib, IsogeometricModel, LRsplines2D and
QualityModule. Also included is SISL, TTL and Newmat for convenience.

The GoTools geometry/spline toolkit was written by the Geometry Group
at SINTEF ICT, Department of Applied Mathematics.

Newmat was written by Robert Davies,

* CMake - see:
* For Viewlib only: Qt4, OpenGL, GLUT, Boost
* Linux: Tested with gcc version 4.7.3
* Windows: Tested with Visual Studio 2010. Should work on VS 2008.

A few comments on the current distribution:

(1) You can generate doxygen information by typing 'doxygen' in the base
(2) In order to compile/install the library, you need to use CMake. See 
    the INSTALL file.
(3) GoTools provides a file format: g2. Various test applications
    produce g2 files as output. See the Doxygen generated
    documentation for more information on this format. The viewer
    application 'goview' is provided in Viewlib in order to view

Good luck!

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