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# - individtual php-pear-XXX packages
# pear remote-list -c phpseclib
# SPEC and patch from
%define subver a
%define rel 1
%define pkgname seclib
%define php_min_version 5.2.0
%include /usr/lib/rpm/macros.php
Summary: PHP Secure Communications Library
Name: php-%{pkgname}
Version: 0.2.1
Release: 0.%{subver}.%{rel}
License: LGPL
Group: Development/Languages/PHP
Source0: phpseclib%{version}%{subver}.zip
# Source0-md5: 028be0414123f4bff61f1b2b4fd68fab
# Pulled from PLD's rpm-build-macros --Douglas
%define __find /usr/bin/find
%define undos(f:i) %{-f:%{__find} -regextype posix-extended -%{-i:i}regex '^.+\\.(%(echo %{-f*} | tr ',' '|'))$' -print0 | xargs -0} %{__sed} -i -e 's,\\r$,,' %* \
BuildRequires: php-pear
BuildRequires: unzip
Patch0: includes.patch
Requires: php-bcmath
Requires: php-common >= 4:%{php_min_version}
Requires: php-date
Requires: php-hash
Requires: php-openssl
Requires: php-pcre
Requires: php-pear
Requires: php-xml
BuildArch: noarch
BuildRoot: %{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
Pure-PHP implementations of an arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic
library, fully PKCS#1 (v2.1) compliant RSA, DES, 3DES, RC4, Rijndael,
AES, SSH-1, SSH-2, and SFTP.
%setup -qc
%undos -f php,html,css
%patch0 -p1
mkdir html
mv *.html *.css html
# php 4.2, php 5.0
rm PHP/Compat/Function/array_fill.php
# php 5.0
rm PHP/Compat/Function/bcpowmod.php
# php 5.0
rm PHP/Compat/Function/str_split.php
install -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{php_pear_dir}
cp -a PHP Crypt Math Net $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{php_pear_dir}
%doc html
* Thu Mar 03 2012 Douglas Hubler <>
- Build on CentOS 6 w/o other PLD packages
- Revision 1.4 2011/01/23 23:14:53 sparky
- BR: unzip
- Revision 1.3 2010/08/31 06:57:18 glen
- release 1
- Revision 1.2 2010/08/31 06:57:05 glen
- fix include paths
- Revision 1.1 2010/08/31 06:54:17 glen
- initial, bundle all phpseclib packages for now
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