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SIPX Openfire integration plugin.

1. Install openfire from RPM. Get version 3.6.4-1 from

2. OPENFIRE_HOME is the directory of openfire under which you have lib, bin, logs etc.

To configure for build, from the BUILD directory issue something like this:

../configure --cache-file=`pwd`/ac-cache-file SIPXPBXUSER=`whoami` OPENFIRE_HOME=/opt/openfire/

cd sipXopenfire

make all install 

Will build the plugin and install it in the right place under openfire's
directory structure.

3. Initialize the database:

sh setup

This will set up a default admin user with password admin.
This will change when full sipxconfig support becomes available and you will not need this step at that point.

Until sipxconfig support becomes available, hand edit the sixpopenfire.xml file in this directory.
Copy it to /usr/local/sipx/etc

Hand edit xmpp-account-info.xml.example to define the users and groups you want. 
Copy it to /usr/local/sipx/etc/xmpp-account-info.xml

Make sure the xml rpc ports in sipxopenfire matches the web server port
in openfire.xml. You will find openfire.xml in OPENFIRE_HOME/config after
you install openfire and configure it. 

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