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The most current information on the status of any release is in the
SIPfoundry Issue Tracker at:
Release Notes - sipXtackLib - Version 2.6.2
** Bug
* [XSL-38] - SdpBody::setValue does not update existing values
* [XSL-41] - SIP logs show an error message "unknown protocol using UDP" in many places
* [XSL-45] - Messages saying "Not all content data successfully read"
* [XSL-46] - Many messages "matches via address: xxx port: xxx but is not trusted"
* [XSL-47] - Many messages "ACK matches transaction with 2XX class response"
* In SipMessage.cpp:
Even with non-proxy based authentication, we should always
validate the MD5 hash with the Auth header uri parameter.
The code was using the request URI for registration requests
incorrectly assuming the request URI and the Auth header
uri parameter would always match (it should, but some UACs get
this wrong).
Release Notes - sipXtackLib - Version 2.6.1
** Bug
* [XSL-32] - messages terminated with a null byte
* [XSL-40] - Clean up log error message - Read failure 'n' socket
Release Notes - sipXtackLib - Version 2.5.2
** Bug
* [XSL-14] - Failed unittests under electric fence
* [XSL-15] - Failed unittests in UrlTest
* [XSL-17] - SipXtack trying to send responses to incorrect address
* [XSL-22] - Proxy stripping off the URL parameters when sending out the INVITE
** Task
* [XSL-5] - Verify passes unit tests
** Improvement
* [XSL-16] - Clean up code to remove all warnings.
Release Notes - sipXtackLib - Version 2.5.1
** Bug
* [XSL-3] - commented out critical code in SipMessage.cpp
* [XSL-4] - Compile successfully under Linux w/ sipXportLib
* [XSL-6] - Need to update the tarballs now that this project builds
** Improvement
* [XSL-12] - share config directory with sipXportLib
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