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Third party call controller

This is the RESTLET based third party call controller.

Currently we only support REFER based third party call control.

This service runs as a plugin in the SipXrest container.

There are three parties involved :

The agent that initiates the call. This is the last part of the URL. The callController masquerades as the agent.
The calling party to which the call is initially placed. This is the callingParty parameter
The called party to which the call is REFERRed. This is the calledParty parameter.

An alias may be used anywhere a SIP user name is used.

The call controller consults etc/sipxpbx/validusers.xml to authenticate users and map user aliases to user names.

The general form of the URL is


You dont need a pin to invoke it from within the sipx domain. You
can specify user name or user alias for agentName, callingParty or
calledParty. You can specify a phone number in place of callingParty or
calledParty. You will need to use an appropriate prefix to match a dial
plan in this case. callingParty and calledParty can be aliases.

For example within the sipx domain, the URL can look like this:

Here 201 can be either the user name or the alias of a user.
It is is both the agent placing the call as well as the calling party.

To invoke this from outside the sipx domain with digest authentication:

It will use HTTP digest authentication for call setup if you invoke this
from outside the domain and direct your POST request to port 6667.

If you invoke this from outside the Domain using HTTPS, you must provide
credentials using HTTPS basic authenitcation and direct your POST request
to port 6666.

To test the status of the ongoing call setup after the calling party has
picked up, you can invoke HTTP GET on the same URL that you did a POST to.

Optional URL parameters:

agent - the name of the agent that is placing the third party call.
subject - this URL parameter determines what goes into the SIP subject header of the initial call setup INVITE.
isForwardingAllowed - whether or not forwarding is allowed for the initial invite
timeout - the timeout after which the INVITE to the calling party is terminated.
resultCacheTime - The amount of time for which to keep the call progress cache record in memory.

Several curl examples are provided in the test directory. Please consult these.

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