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# Initial Version Copyright (C) 2010 eZuce, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed to the User under the LGPL license.
BUILDDIR = $(abspath @builddir@)
SRC = $(abspath @srcdir@)
PACKAGE_REVISION = $(shell $(SRC)/config/revision-gen @PACKAGE_VERSION@)
help-var.DISTRO=To run a command for a different target distro. Default: $(DISTRO). Complete list of available values: @ALL_DISTROS@
DISTRO_OS = $(word 1,$(subst -, ,$(DISTRO)))
DISTRO_VER = $(word 2,$(subst -, ,$(DISTRO)))
DISTRO_ARCH = $(word 3,$(subst -, ,$(DISTRO)))
$(subst fedora,Fedora, \
$(subst centos,CentOS,$(DISTRO_OS)))_$(DISTRO_VER))
# utility
empty :=
space := $(empty) $(empty)
lowercase = $(shell echo $(1) | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')
# for each sipx-% target, define a variable for the corresponding project directory
PROJ = $(filter $(all),$(subst ., ,$@))
proj = $(call lowercase,$(PROJ))
PROJ_REVISION = $(shell cd $(SRC)/$(PROJ) && ./config/revision-gen @PACKAGE_VERSION@)
default-first-target : help;
sipx.% :
$(MAKE) $(foreach P,$(sipx),$(P).$*)
lib.% :
$(MAKE) $(foreach P,$(lib),$(P).$*)
app.% :
$(MAKE) $(foreach P,$(app),$(P).$*)
help.{sipx,lib}.list=list all sipx components
app.list lib.list sipx.list : %.list :
@echo $($*)
include $(sort $(wildcard mak/*.mk))
help-values.{1} = Any sipXecs package. For all sipXecs packages use 'sipx'. Complete list of sipXecs packages : $(sipx)
help-values.{2} = Any dependency package. For all dependencies use 'lib'. Complete list of dependencies : $(lib)
help-values.{6} = Any sipXecs application. For all app use 'app'. Complete list of app : $(app)
.PHONY: help
@echo -e "\nCOMMON TARGETS\n==================="
@$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -s help.print
@echo -e "\nALLOWED VALUES\n==================="
@$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -s help-values.print
@echo -e "\nSPECIAL VARIABLES\n==================="
@$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -s help-var.print
help-values.print help.print help-var.print: %.print :
@$(foreach H,$(filter $*.%,$(sort $(.VARIABLES))), \
echo "$$format_help" | Label="$(H:$*.%=%)" Text="$($(H))" bash;)
define format_help
WIDTH=`tput cols`
HELP_WIDTH=`echo $$[$${WIDTH} - $${MARGIN}]`
export TEXT=`echo "$${Text}" | fold -s -w $${HELP_WIDTH} | sed -e "2,10s|^| |g"`
export LABEL="$${Label}"
echo | awk '{printf("%-15s - %s\n", ENVIRON["LABEL"], ENVIRON["TEXT"]);}'
export format_help
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