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Solved Programming Assignments for Online SAAS-Class conducted by University of California, Berkeley.

Website		:
Curriculam	: CS 169 [Software Engineering]
Instructor	: Armando Fox, David Patterson

List of Assignments

In this homework you will do some simple programming exercises to get familiar with the Ruby language. We will provide detailed automatic grading of your code.

In this homework you will clone a GitHub repo containing an existing simple Rails app, add a feature to the app, and deploy the result publicly on the Heroku platform. We will run live integration tests against your deployed version.

In this homework you will create user stories to describe a feature of a SaaS app, use the Cucumber tool to turn those stories into executable acceptance tests, and run the tests against your SaaS app.

In this homework you will use a combination of Behavior-Driven Design (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) with the Cucumber and RSpec tools to add a new feature to a SaaS app, and deploy the resulting app on Heroku.
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