Getting stronger with data.
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Built to answer the question: How strong am I? let's you input your personal stats and lifts to come up with your ideal powerlifting rival. Someone stronger than you who functions as a benchmark for you to strive toward. The powerlifter is chosen from a database containing data on over 7,000 real meets. It provides the user a dashboard and as their lifts improve, they eventually reach and exceed the lifts of their chosen rival. From there, they can gain a new rival even stronger than their last. It's a great way to get motivate yourself to keep training even if you're not the type to go to meets!


This project was built using the flask web framework and the open-source PostgreSQL database. Hosting and continous deployment is done using Heroku.


This project was done using data provided by OpenPowerLifting. The data contains over 7,000 powerlifting meets and all the athletes participating in each, as well as the weight they competed at and their best weight for each the "big three" lifts (Benchpress, Squat, Deadlift).

The Team

This project is being done by @SJCaldwell, @saad-usmani, and @mikejt33.


Python packages required are stored in requirements.txt