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A Pytorch implement of the paper 2018 NTIRE No.1 paper 《Wide Activation for Efficient and Accurate Image Super-Resolution》
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A Pytorch implement of NTIRE2018 No.1 network WDSR
Dataset: DIV2K 2017

├── HR  
└── LR

Training data is augmented with random horizontal filp and rotations, check and rewrite class SRdataset!

How to train

Delete & make new

vim ./loss.log
mkdir ./samples
mkdir ./checkpoint

GPUs are needed for training

python --cuda

How to test

Test method

700x700 HR image and its LR counterpart are randomly cropped from every image in DIV2K Validset
Calculate the mean PSNR of HR image and Image Restored by network

make correspond empty folder to store samples before test

mkdir ./foldername/

change samples save_path and model to restore in


Specific description of given samples, checkpoint as well as test results can be found in .numbers file ^_^





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