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Requirements and recommendations:
* Already installed on the computer:
*Java JDK/JRE ver 1.6 or higher
* Aladdin eToken software, you receive the Aladdin eToken
software when you order from SK your digital stamp on the
Aladdin eToken USB stick.
* If you have already been using previous versions of TempelPlus
(v 0.99 or 1.0.0), you can create a backup of the configuration file
(Tempelplus.conf). NB! A new version of the software has more
configuration parameters than previous versions. Configuration files
from previous versions are not suitable for use in one-to-one in the
new version.
* Since the new version contains many enhancements and also the
installation has changed (formerly there was .msi package, now zip /
tar.gz container), you are advised to read the new version changelog
(Chapter 2.1), software installation (Chapter 3 ) and configuration
(Chapter 6) of the software documentation, which is located in the
installation package docs subdirectory. Chapter 7 describes, how to
use TempelPlus with test-digital stamp.
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