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Environment technical parameters

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Live Parameters

Parameter Value
base URL


DEMO Parameters

Parameter Value
base URL
relyingPartyUUID 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
relyingPartyName DEMO

Smart-ID login buttons. Free to use! Download

Smart-ID Basic (ADVANCED) level accounts

DEMO relyingPartyUUID has no access to Smart-ID Basic accounts. If you would like to test with Smart-ID Basic accounts please write to .

  • When using "certificateLevel":"ADVANCED" with wrong relyingPartyUUID in requests then HTTP error 403 Forbidden is returned.
  • When user has only Smart-ID Basic account then HTTP error 404 Not Found is returned.

Test accounts for automated testing


EndResult Country national-identity-number certificateLevel Document Number
OK EE 10101010005 QUALIFIED PNOEE-10101010005-Z1B2-Q
OK LV 010101-10006 QUALIFIED PNOLV-010101-10006-SGT7-Q
OK LV 020101-10000 ADVANCED PNOLV-020101-10000-96R2-NQ
OK LT 10101010005 QUALIFIED PNOLT-10101010005-Z52N-Q
OK LT 10101020001 ADVANCED PNOLT-10101020001-K87V-NQ
USER_REFUSED EE 10101010016 QUALIFIED PNOEE-10101010016-9RF6-Q
USER_REFUSED LV 010101-10014 QUALIFIED PNOLV-010101-10014-782V-Q
USER_REFUSED LV 020101-10019 ADVANCED PNOLV-020101-10019-X69J-NQ
USER_REFUSED LT 10101010016 QUALIFIED PNOLT-10101010016-3JGR-Q
TIMEOUT EE 10101010027 QUALIFIED PNOEE-10101010027-TFPR-Q
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