Smart ID service will start to use 6K RSA keys

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We have reached the final stage in certifying that signatures given with Smart-ID would correspond to the level of qualified signatures. Due to this, many important changes will take place.

For services, the biggest change will be that starting from version 14 of the Smart-ID application, all certificates created by Smart-ID will have longer keys than previously. If up until now, Smart-ID certificates used 4K RSA keys, then we will now be implementing 6K RSA keys. As Smart-ID’s API will not be changing, there will be no need to make any changes in service side.

Regarding this change, we ask that you make sure that your information systems do not have any restrictions related to the use of 6K RSA keys as soon as possible. You can do so in our demo environment, where you must create a new account with version 14 of the Smart-ID application.

We also kindly ask you to test whether your digital signature systems, libraries and document management systems support 6K RSA keys. For testing we've created documents that have been signed with the 6K RSA Smart-ID certificates. You can download them here.

An overview of all the changes that will be implemented with version 14 of the Smart-ID application can be found here. For more information about Smart-ID’s updates and using the demo environment, please write us at

According to the current plans, we will start distributing version 14 of the Smart-ID application in mid-August 2018.

We are conducting these preparatory activities to ensure that all signatures given with Smart-ID will soon correspond to the EU’s eIDAS directive’s highest level or in other words, they will be equal to hand-written signatures.

SK ID Solutions

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