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Manuals for Device Cores and other relevant support files
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This is the GitHub Repository for SKAARHOJ Support. We keep our manuals and other relevant support files in this Repository. The manual page on our website is:

If you are looking to access the Config Page of your UniSketch OS based device or want to alter settings such as IP address then get our Firmware Updater Application: The beta version of the Firmware Updater is stored here:

As our controllers are generic in what they can do we don´t have specific manuals for each product. We recommend starting with the "Installation and Operation Manual" and then the manuals for the relevant Device Cores. If you are utilizing Device Cores with PTZ Camera please also have a look in the "PTZ Manual".

Traditionally Support files have been found at kasperskaarhoj/SKAARHOJ-Open-Engineering but they have now been moved here.

/SKAARHOJ Solutions Team

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