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A tool that patches Playstation Vita's lv0's secure_kernel's syscall 6 (SELF/RVK checks)

What does that syscall 6 patch do?

- Removes firmware/sdk version checks from SELFs
	- You can i.e play higher firmware games on lower firmwares, assuming that keys didnt change.
- Removes RVK-list checks from SELFs
	- You can i.e use the revoked PSM-dev app
- Some other basic SELFs checks are removed


1) Put the plugin somewhere, preferably in ur0:tai/
2) Add a line to the currently active tai/config.txt (ux0 or, preferably, ur0) under "*KERNEL"
	- ur0:tai/0syscall6.skprx
3) Reboot


- If the SELF uses new key revisions please use the _renga version with a decrypted kprx_auth_sm (.bin) in ur0:tai/
	- psp2renga framework is required
- If you are using the psp2renga framework, please use the _renga version to prevent framework overwrite


- Team Molecule / xyz for the update_sm 0x50002 exploit and help over discord
- Team Molecule for HenKaku and TaiHen
- CelesteBlue for StorageMgr (the ssresume hook)
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