A "manager" for PS Vita's EMMC/GameCard/MemoryCard
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A "manager" for PS Vita's EMMC/GameCard/MemoryCard

Heavily based on VitaNDP (https://github.com/SKGleba/Vita-NDP) and YARM-FS-TOOLS


Current functions

  • Mount/Unmount partitions as drives
  • Extract partitions from the target
  • Inject partitions into the target
  • Display target info


"git clone https://github.com/SKGleba/SceFsTool-PSP2.git && cd SceFsTool-PSP2 && make"

  • You can then copy it to your $PATH


"sudo ./psp2scefstool mode devpath endpath opt1 opt2"

  • modes:

    • "-m": mount all partitions in devpath to endpath OR mount the opt1 partition in devpath to endpath
    • "-u": unmount all partitions in devpath from endpath OR unmount the opt1 partition in devpath from endpath
    • "-x": extract all partitions from devpath to endpath OR extract the opt1 partition from devpath to endpath
    • "-i": inject all partitions to devpath from endpath OR inject the opt1 partition to devpath from endpath
    • "-r": display some info about devpath
  • The devpath can be:

    • PS Vita's EMMC
    • Game Card for PS Vita
    • Memory Card for PS Vita
    • Any device with SceMBR similar to the one used on PS Vita.
    • Or a 1:1 image file of any of the mentioned devices
  • endpath is the output directory name

  • opt1 is the target partition name [optional]

  • Use/set opt2 ONLY if the partition is active, if opt2 is not set the job will be applied to the inactive partition


  • "sudo ./psp2scefstool -m /dev/mmcblk0 kappa"
    • All exFAT/FAT16 partitions from the device located in /dev/mmcblk0 will be mounted to the kappa/partition_name directory
  • "sudo ./psp2scefstool -u mc_dump.img ligma ux0"
    • The ux0 partition mounted to the ligma/ux0-0 directory will be unmounted
  • "sudo ./psp2scefstool -x emmc.bin sogma slb2 active"
    • The active slb2 will be extracted from emmc.bin to sogma/slb2-1
  • "sudo ./psp2scefstool -i gc_raw.x updog"
    • All partitions in updog/ will be injected into gc_raw.x
  • "sudo ./psp2scefstool -r /dev/sdb5 ignored"
    • MBR, partitions, and device (if its a vita nand) info will be displayed


ref1 ref2 ref3 ref4


  • It is still in beta stage, linux only for now.
  • Use with caution.
  • Sony uses TexFat so for exFat partitions you need exfat-nofuse
  • The devices are mounted with RW perms
  • Big thanks to:
    • Zecoxao
    • Team Molecule
    • Mathieulh
  • For any help/serious issue DM me on twitter (twitter.com/skgleba).